Ghanaian proverbs

1. Do not wash with another man’s bath water.

2. If you dance two dances at once, your bottom will go askew.

3. No matter how long you stay in the river, you cannot become the crocodile.

4. He who follows the elephant encounters no dew.

5. But for the tortoise alone, the gun will not be fired in the forest.

I have no idea what the last one means. But the rest are definitely words to live by.

Tomorrow I leave Accra, until next year. It’s been good. And sticky.


  1. Alexandra Langstaff · · Reply

    When I was with the traveling dance circus one of the dancers always left her bath water up fpr grabs. I think her proverb was “If you leave your bathwater for the next person you don’t have to clean up the bathroom.”

  2. owene weber · · Reply

    Loved your Ghanan sayings. the Igbo have some good ones too. “A toad does not run in the daytime for nothing.” ???? xxxchere cousine

  3. Richard Williams · · Reply

    The hedgehog thinks she has curls. Gypsy proverb – or something made up by my brother. Take your pick.

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