back in Accra

I made it. Still fairly toasty, like stepping into a steaming bathroom. There are more banks and phone companies than even a year ago, and there is a new government in power, but apart from that it’s all much the same.

My phone refuses to work – I hope I don’t have to get a new number, because the old one is printed on 200 business cards.  It will be a lesson in zen if I have to change them.

The Libyan government airline, Afriqiyah, is quite unimpressive – the stopover at Tripoli was the essence of dodginess.  Lots of blokes in leather jackets pointing in different directions, no idea who worked for the airline, the government, the airport – probably the same thing – and the second plane from Libya to Accra was bizzarrely an ancient Portuguese one, with a Portuguese crew. Odd. But I made it only an hour or so late, and it was great to see Hannah, who came to pick me up.

More tomorrow – I have to go sort out my phone.

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