Monthly Archives: April 2009

out of africa…

…and into London. I was flown back for treatment on Thursday night, having finally accepted that the Ghanaian medical establishment just could not figure out what was going on. Vetoing Lister Hospital, the home of all chaos and confusion, I sought out the nurse at the British High Commission. She found me a doctor who […]

lights out (again)

At dinner last night, I said something foolish. I asked Auntie (with whom we are staying), whether she thought the power cuts were lessening, since they seemed shorter and more infrequent than when I was here last year. Instantly, the lights went out. When the lights go out, you can hear a collective sigh go […]

more dagbani proverbs

A rat will not be the first one to enter a hole and then leave its tail outside. Don’t let me show you sheep and you show me their footprints. An in-law’s funeral will not be celebrated with a dog. Just finish killing your donkey. Because the testicle is calm, it stays in the underwear; […]

I cannot tell.

This is the response of the Ghanaian health system. I have been in hospital in Accra the last two days, when recovery from the malaria didn’t go quite as planned, and have discovered that the only thing worse than being in a dodgy hospital in Ghana is being in a good one. The good one […]

Sfigata in Wa

Easter week started badly and rapidly went downhill. After my encounter with robbers, more robbers, and the Tamale police, I asked my kind assistant Latif to get me tickets for the Wa bus to avoid advertising the fact that I was going to be out on the street early again. Hannah and I were supposed […]

m’fou khiah.

…which means ‘I’m resting.’ This has been a bit of a week. most of my stuff was taken on Tuesday as I went to the 4am bus (I just have no luck with the 4am bus at all), meaning I have to undergo a trial by electronics as I try to replace the necessary things. […]

slavery and egg sandwiches

Nightmare morning – a couple of appointments cancelled, so I decided to go to Wa to continue the survey in the Upper West region. Got up at 3.30, with Hannah, who was on her way to Salaga (south of Tamale) for work. The bus company stipulates that you have to come and wait at 3, […]