and now for something completely different

some Dagbani proverbs (from the Dagomba, the major tribe in the North)

– Does the dog not really refuse the small heaps of goods for sale?

– It is because of its secret that the wild fig tree blossoms at night. (I LOVE THIS ONE)

– If you want to stop your friendship, tell your friend, “look for some rabbit eggs for me.”

– The dog that shits a proud shit will struggle to collect it.

– People roast a frog together and then throw stones at each other.

– Big animals cannot swallow each other.

– The death of the donkey is what brings an end to farting.

– We warm ourselves by the fire and see one another’s testicles.

– It is good to be independent, but what about when you have catarrh and large boils?

– A rabbit says that it doesn’t know under what circumstances it would believe the world and lie on its back.

– You don’t laugh when chasing a small rabbit.

– The earthworm has developed teeth and the night adder hears it and stops being wicked to its neighbour’s children.

– If there is an arrow stuck in my friend’s head that I am pulling out it is better than being stuck in my head.

so true… so true.


  1. Would you translate some of these for us non Ghanaians? Heading to Accra in a few weeks and would love to know.

    1. linnettaylor · · Reply

      I wish I knew! there are explanations in the book, but they make it more confusing, not less. I think it’s a branch of the tao philosophy. you have to meditate on it.

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