more dagbani proverbs

A rat will not be the first one to enter a hole and then leave its tail outside.

Don’t let me show you sheep and you show me their footprints.

An in-law’s funeral will not be celebrated with a dog.

Just finish killing your donkey.

Because the testicle is calm, it stays in the underwear; if it is under stress, it will come out.

Even a short man cannot disappear from sight in a groundnut farm.

We have buried the small child of a Fulani.

The sheep from Gambaga does not know how to move forward, but it knows how to move backward.

The ficus tree that is cool will gather bats.

Take this and stop looking at me.

The anus that is known cannot hide.

The one carrying a monkey does not go in the direction of the yam mounds of the dog.

It is the fool’s penis that is stepped on twice.


  1. i am a proud dagomba and i really like our proverbs because it teaches me a lot of lessons and the best way to live my life.

  2. jorge kumbungu · · Reply

    Thank you very much for posting this. I lived there for 4 months and learned some proverbs from dagomba people, i was looking for more since then. Thanks again for these wise words!

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