40 accident-free days on Kusia Street

accident-free days

accident-free days

I am back in Accra, and officially on 20 accident-free days. Hannah has outpaced me and is currently on 40. Impressive. (The row of zeroes on my side of the chart, as previously explained, denote the days I spent being too nauseous to stand up, which meant they didn’t officially count as days of any kind.) Also impressive was Hannah’s first tortilla, which she cooked today with me stepping in every now and again to add massive amounts of salt.

Hannah's first tortilla

Hannah's first tortilla

Auntie hates seeing the salt go in the pan, but likes the tortilla when it’s done. She can’t figure out where the salt goes. We think it may be magic.

Accra is less hot, since it’s now the rainy season, but much wetter even when it’s not raining. The air is wet. Ick.

I am recuperating and getting ready to go back to Tamale on Sunday. Then to the Upper East region on Tuesday, probably, to go and do my survey in Bolgatanga, Bawku, possibly Garu, and Navrongo. More buses… my favourite. But it’s nice to be in our room in Accra, and not to be sick.

My achievement for today has been to get a new modem, one that works this time. Tigo’s GPRS proved useless at normal times of day – as with the internet cafes, you can only get online at times when few people were trying to connect, ideally between 4 and 6.30am. But fortunately my GPRS modem was stolen – it was the only thing I was happy to lose. Now I am using a bright shiny 3G modem from HSDPA, which cost me 100 cedis less than the useless Tigo effort. I got a regular sim card from Zain, whose new network has the most chance of actually allowing one more than a dial-up speed for data transfer, and for 25 cedis a month I am able to actually connect and do normal things such as check my email. So Linnet 1, Ghana 0. At least for today.

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  1. Penny · · Reply

    Gosh, that got very technical at the end there, you lost me rather!!

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