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Smart’s not enough. We need functional.

Accra is in tears today. Last night a heavy rain storm descended on the city, flooding it to a depth of metres in some places. A crowd of people took refuge in a petrol station in the centre of town near Nkrumah Circle, not realising that the tanks below them were overflowing due to the […]

how the bumblebee flies

As I continue my survey of internet cafes here in Accra, one question keeps recurring. How can these small businesses survive, let along turn a profit? 15 so far in Kokomlemle and 11 in Adabraka, the two areas of Accra I am focusing on, and barely one is making its owner a living. Yet they […]


As anyone who reads the Times knows by now, there is an international investigation going on about e-waste. The Times published a story exposing the illegal transporting of defunct computers and other electronics to Brazil and Ghana – among other things, a Ministry of Defence computer wound up in a scrapyard in Accra that has […]


Obama was in Accra this weekend. Sheer madness.  The insanity started a month before – Obama t-shirts appeared, and columns in the newspapers meditated on the significance of his choosing Ghana. But the last week, ahead of his arrival Friday night, has been just crazy. Walking through Osu on Friday afternoon, the street sellers had […]


In the course of my research in Ghana so far,  I have travelled about 100,000 square km of country, had malaria three times, been robbed twice (three times if you count the police), met hundreds of people, interviewed 80 internet cafe owners, and eaten various kinds of soup with my hands.  However, the most important […]