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unarmed in Bawku

Off to the dodgy bits today – Bawku, Garu, and the far east of northern Ghana, towards Togo.  Bawku has had a tribal conflict going on for a long time – depending how you reckon it, either from the eighteenth century when the Mamprusi came south to settle the Kusasis’ land and the Kusasi were […]

but why don’t you want to take me to England?

It’s Sunday, and I’m in Bolga, and I seem to have malaria again. Yesterday was a hell of a day. My ‘assistant’ (found when the person Doris suggested went to Kumasi) turned out to be an illiterate mechanic’s assistant with no English, who didn’t know what an internet cafe was. I realised this when we […]

m’fou khiah.

…which means ‘I’m resting.’ This has been a bit of a week. most of my stuff was taken on Tuesday as I went to the 4am bus (I just have no luck with the 4am bus at all), meaning I have to undergo a trial by electronics as I try to replace the necessary things. […]