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Smart’s not enough. We need functional.

Accra is in tears today. Last night a heavy rain storm descended on the city, flooding it to a depth of metres in some places. A crowd of people took refuge in a petrol station in the centre of town near Nkrumah Circle, not realising that the tanks below them were overflowing due to the […]

part two

Back in Accra after a week’s break to get over the malaria (again), and finally ready to get back on the job. Auntie was happy to see me – Hannah had been away too, researching in the Volta region, and the house had been too empty. I am now able to walk around, which is […]

more dagbani proverbs

A rat will not be the first one to enter a hole and then leave its tail outside. Don’t let me show you sheep and you show me their footprints. An in-law’s funeral will not be celebrated with a dog. Just finish killing your donkey. Because the testicle is calm, it stays in the underwear; […]

Sfigata in Wa

Easter week started badly and rapidly went downhill. After my encounter with robbers, more robbers, and the Tamale police, I asked my kind assistant Latif to get me tickets for the Wa bus to avoid advertising the fact that I was going to be out on the street early again. Hannah and I were supposed […]

m’fou khiah.

…which means ‘I’m resting.’ This has been a bit of a week. most of my stuff was taken on Tuesday as I went to the 4am bus (I just have no luck with the 4am bus at all), meaning I have to undergo a trial by electronics as I try to replace the necessary things. […]

and now for something completely different

some Dagbani proverbs (from the Dagomba, the major tribe in the North) – Does the dog not really refuse the small heaps of goods for sale? – It is because of its secret that the wild fig tree blossoms at night. (I LOVE THIS ONE) – If you want to stop your friendship, tell your […]

Mother Nature is a hooligan with a strong grasp of game theory

If you want to see nature in action (aside from the stock market), take a beer and go and sit on the edge of the cliff here above the waterhole at twilight, just when the German tourists get loud. Sit on the rock on the edge, and stay still for an hour or so. First […]