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sakawa! no, really! sakawa!

Over the last year, Ghana has experienced a wave of anxiety about sakawa – internet fraud. The fraud has been going on much longer, but there is a noticeable uptick in the level of public hysteria at the moment.  As with many worrying things in Ghana, it’s popularly attributed to Nigeria’s bad influence on ‘the […]

a technicality…

I am around Accra this week, surveying (conveniently) the internet cafes in my own neighbourhood, Kokomlemle. So far, I have interviewed 13. There should be 17 or so in all.  Then on to Adabraka, across the Ring Road. As I start to talk to small business owners in Accra, it’s evident there are some big […]

part two

Back in Accra after a week’s break to get over the malaria (again), and finally ready to get back on the job. Auntie was happy to see me – Hannah had been away too, researching in the Volta region, and the house had been too empty. I am now able to walk around, which is […]

unarmed in Bawku

Off to the dodgy bits today – Bawku, Garu, and the far east of northern Ghana, towards Togo.  Bawku has had a tribal conflict going on for a long time – depending how you reckon it, either from the eighteenth century when the Mamprusi came south to settle the Kusasis’ land and the Kusasi were […]

google? what’s that?

Up at 3 to catch the early bus to Wa, which stops at Damongo. In Damongo there is a new internet café run by a guy called Prince, who set it up after winning a business plan competition run by Google.org and Technoserve, two fairly major international organisations. The café is in Damongo’s market square, […]

beer is a food group after today.

Off to Bimbila, again starting out at 4am, which is imperative if you want to get anywhere. Missed the first bus to Yendi, which bizzarrely left an hour early at 4.30, and had to wait till 7 for the second. Then found the next bus to Bimbilla, which turned  out not to be a bus […]

You can’t get there from here.

The last two days, with Tamale interviews nearly done, I have been on the road. And off the road, on dirt tracks. And off the dirt tracks, hiking around the bush way, way off the map. It’s been interesting. Useful things I have discovered are that in Northern Ghana, you can drink 8 pints of […]