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unarmed in Bawku

Off to the dodgy bits today – Bawku, Garu, and the far east of northern Ghana, towards Togo.  Bawku has had a tribal conflict going on for a long time – depending how you reckon it, either from the eighteenth century when the Mamprusi came south to settle the Kusasis’ land and the Kusasi were […]

Almost working…

Still making contact with the people I need to know to do my larger business research studies. Today was very productive, and unbelievably hot. First I went down for a meeting in Legon at the university with the head of the migration studies centre. She was very helpful with advice about researching in the northern […]

back in Accra

I made it. Still fairly toasty, like stepping into a steaming bathroom. There are more banks and phone companies than even a year ago, and there is a new government in power, but apart from that it’s all much the same. My phone refuses to work – I hope I don’t have to get a […]