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how to save the world

I don’t like Development today. It’s silly. A group of men at my guesthouse are here doing work for MIDA, the Millennium Development Authority (which is responsible for coordinating the Millennium Development Goals). They are working on agriculture, distributing ‘starter packs’ of seed and fertiliser to farmers near here and arranging loans from MIDA, via […]

bribery, corruption and the dewey decimal system

Back in Tamale, and finding it benign. Friends had suggested that my penguin (if you are on facebook you will know him) might be suffering from PTSD (Penguin Traumatic Stress Disorder) given what happened last time I was here, but he is showing no ill effects. It’s good to be getting back on track, research-wise. […]

Sfigata in Wa

Easter week started badly and rapidly went downhill. After my encounter with robbers, more robbers, and the Tamale police, I asked my kind assistant Latif to get me tickets for the Wa bus to avoid advertising the fact that I was going to be out on the street early again. Hannah and I were supposed […]

m’fou khiah.

…which means ‘I’m resting.’ This has been a bit of a week. most of my stuff was taken on Tuesday as I went to the 4am bus (I just have no luck with the 4am bus at all), meaning I have to undergo a trial by electronics as I try to replace the necessary things. […]

You can’t get there from here.

The last two days, with Tamale interviews nearly done, I have been on the road. And off the road, on dirt tracks. And off the dirt tracks, hiking around the bush way, way off the map. It’s been interesting. Useful things I have discovered are that in Northern Ghana, you can drink 8 pints of […]