Monthly Archives: May 2009

mission accomplished

Just as with Bush’s now famous announcement, it’ll never be finished because as soon as you stop, it changes. But the illusion is nice. On Thursday I completed the census of the internet cafes in Northern Ghana. 100,000 square km (not 300,000 as I proudly announced initially, which would cover some of Burkina and most […]

unarmed in Bawku

Off to the dodgy bits today – Bawku, Garu, and the far east of northern Ghana, towards Togo.  Bawku has had a tribal conflict going on for a long time – depending how you reckon it, either from the eighteenth century when the Mamprusi came south to settle the Kusasis’ land and the Kusasi were […]

but why don’t you want to take me to England?

It’s Sunday, and I’m in Bolga, and I seem to have malaria again. Yesterday was a hell of a day. My ‘assistant’ (found when the person Doris suggested went to Kumasi) turned out to be an illiterate mechanic’s assistant with no English, who didn’t know what an internet cafe was. I realised this when we […]

and north again…

To Bolgatanga, fleeing the internet survey Latif and I have been running in Tamale. It turns out a whole hour online is too much to offer people – I got 111 responses in just a few hours. People often buy time online here in increments of 10 minutes. So next time I will offer half […]

bribery, corruption and the dewey decimal system

Back in Tamale, and finding it benign. Friends had suggested that my penguin (if you are on facebook you will know him) might be suffering from PTSD (Penguin Traumatic Stress Disorder) given what happened last time I was here, but he is showing no ill effects. It’s good to be getting back on track, research-wise. […]

life’s a party

They don’t really do birthdays in Ghana. If you ask a Ghanaian when they were born (something I do a lot), they genuinely have trouble remembering. So having a birthday here, particularly a not-so-impressive one like 36, doesn’t raise much excitement. The neighbourhood celebrated by beating up a thief at 2am outside our window, which […]

40 accident-free days on Kusia Street

I am back in Accra, and officially on 20 accident-free days. Hannah has outpaced me and is currently on 40. Impressive. (The row of zeroes on my side of the chart, as previously explained, denote the days I spent being too nauseous to stand up, which meant they didn’t officially count as days of any […]