Here’s a link to my PhD Thesis, 2013

I am a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Amsterdam, in Governance and Inclusive Development. Previously, I was a researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute on a project about big data and its meaning for the social sciences. I recently finished my doctoral research at the Institute of Development Studies on the diffusion of the internet in Africa. Before that, I was a researcher at the Rockefeller Foundation. I’m currently interested in the implications of big data for low-income countries, and specifically issues around privacy and participation.  This blog started off as a series of notes about my doctoral fieldwork in Ghana, but is now where I post about big data and other things.
The penguin is Niccolo. He came with me to Africa and other places, and has returned a dustier and wiser bird. There are some photos from his travels here.


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