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Boiling whales and burning forests: If data is the new oil, what’s our alternative energy plan?

Several times over the last year, researchers have written about the notion of data justice (Heeks and Renken here, Johnson here, and Dencik, Hintz and Cable here). They use this terminology to bring together important concerns about the way that data, and big data in particular, are affecting society, politics and development. These authors all […]

a technicality…

I am around Accra this week, surveying (conveniently) the internet cafes in my own neighbourhood, Kokomlemle. So far, I have interviewed 13. There should be 17 or so in all.  Then on to Adabraka, across the Ring Road. As I start to talk to small business owners in Accra, it’s evident there are some big […]

the miracle of GPRS

I went down to Tigo today in search of GPRS. I had been reading bloggers’ updates on the GPRS situation while I was in England last year, and had figured it would cost me an arm and a leg. Which it does – but only to get connected. Once you have the modem (250 cedis) […]