Monthly Archives: June 2009

uncertainty and water

Starting off in Accra, I find myself in a Rumsfeld-like situation where I have to define what I don’t know. There is so much I don’t know that it’s hard to find a place to start, but the dynamics of entrepreneurship in West Africa is one big area where I draw a blank. People have […]

part two

Back in Accra after a week’s break to get over the malaria (again), and finally ready to get back on the job. Auntie was happy to see me – Hannah had been away too, researching in the Volta region, and the house had been too empty. I am now able to walk around, which is […]

Help us to help you.

Still in Accra, trying to get better. I seem to get malaria backwards – the real illness happens after I have taken the medicine. I also take about a month to get over it, during which time I’m as weak as a tubercular Victorian poet. I sleep a lot, sometimes I fall over, and nothing […]

how to save the world

I don’t like Development today. It’s silly. A group of men at my guesthouse are here doing work for MIDA, the Millennium Development Authority (which is responsible for coordinating the Millennium Development Goals). They are working on agriculture, distributing ‘starter packs’ of seed and fertiliser to farmers near here and arranging loans from MIDA, via […]