Monthly Archives: April 2013

Where do developers belong in development?

If you’re someone with data analysis skills and a yearning to solve poverty/malaria/the mystery of bee mortality, now’s your time. There are numerous ‘big data’ initiatives emerging to connect development initiatives with people who can code, including programs based around GIS, mobile phone data, crowdsourced crisis reporting and microfinance, to name but a few. But […]

Big Data: Tools and Access

This is a group post from a session held at the Big Data: Rewards and Risks for the Social Sciences conference in March ( Participants in the group were Chris Birchall, Michael Khoo, Cornelius Puschmann, Kalpana Shankar, Jillian Wallis, Janet Smart, Melissa Terras and Linnet Taylor. This is an account of the session we held […]

big data: rewards and risks for the social sciences

At the end of March OII held a workshop on the potential of big data for social scientific research. The workshop brought together researchers from various continents and a wide variety of disciplines, with research interests including immigration and xenophobia, the genesis of innovation, labour markets and financial risk. The aim of the event was […]